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6 Week Body & Mindset Transformation Challenge ENG

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Want to transform yourself from the inside out? It's time to prioritise yourself, your energy, your mind and your body. This challenge features a 6 week program with home and gym workouts, all around 60 minutes long, 6 meditations, nutrition ebooks, fit recipe book and meal plans. Train from home or at the gym or switch between them both so you can train almost anywhere. Equipment required for home workouts: Sturdy bed or chair, dumbbells, short and long bands. Return to your center and find energy and mental balance with the weekly meditations. Every meditation has a different intention and will help you work different energies and bring down all limiting believes. At the end of the challenge you will feel more unlimited than ever! Use the nutrition ebooks to learn more about intelligent eating and the importance of providing your body the right nutrients for its daily functions but also to give you the best performance during your workouts. In the recipe ebook you will find my favourite fit recipes, low on calories, high in nutrients and so SO yummy! You will also have access to some standard meal plans that you can follow to help you achieve your goals wether it is to loose weight, maintain or to gain lean muscle.

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