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A body that thrives in looks is a body that thrives from the inside. Adequate, intelligent nutrition plays a big roll in this. In UNLIMIT Yourself I want to help you understand what food provides your body with so that you can use your foods as different tools and assets to build your desired physique. ​ The workouts are designed to strengthen your entire body and shape it in a way that is not too much of just one body part, but balanced and lean. ​ I have come to learn that when a lot of people fail to make of fitness a lifestyle and to have the physique of their dreams it's very often due to a lack of self-belief. Excess stress is also there as a cause for failure and it is also a culprit for overweight. Our limiting believes are also there, filling our minds with self-doubt. That is why I have put a lot of emphasis in this program in the mindfulness area, with the mindfulness journal with tasks to spark your self-appreciation habit; there are are also the guided meditations I have created, teaching you to heal yourself from inside, to value and love you more, to remember your inner light and just how UNLIMITED you are. ​ Join UNLIMIT Yourslef and experience this true, that a thriving spirit lives in a thriving, healthy and beautiful body.

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