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¡Welcome to
UNLIMIT Yourself!

Watch my welcome video below, where I explain how UNLIMIT Yourself came to be and what this program means.

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¡Accept the challenge!
all included for only 630kr = 61 USD

Click on the JOIN NOW button where you can choose the Summer Body Challenge and join it. Next you will create your account and then you can make a secure online payment of 630kr using any credit or debit card or via Paypal.

International payments will be billed in your local currency.

If you live in Sweden and want to make the payment via Swish you can do so to the following number 0730725754. Just send me a message to the same number via Whatsapp or text message with your full name so that it is registered.



"I really enjoyed this 6-week challenge, it was easier than I thought and I always felt much better after finishing the routines, with more energy, stronger and the meditations helped me with stress and anxiety. The meal plan was easy to follow. Thank you Karen for the motivation and for showing me that I am stronger than I think."



Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the challenge. The UNLIMIT Yourself programs have the perfect balance of fitness and mindfulness, because our body is just a vehicle for our real essence, of spirit, mind and soul and these aspects should also be cared for, strengthen and empowered.

I have been an ardent gym goer since 2004 and I became a legitimate personal trainer in 2021. I have been studying what makes a body work and respond the way we want it to, through, exercise, nutrition, wellness and mindfulness during the past years. And it's all this experience that I bring into my programs.

My journey has not been all uphill...

In 2021 after a year of not visiting my parents in Mexico, I found out they had contracted the flu and that my mom was admitted to the hospital. I flew in emergency there to take care of my dad. After a few days of fighting for her life, my mom gave in and trascended. I did not manage to see her with life one more time and this shock caused med great stress and depression. I stopped taking care of my health, I stop training and I began getting sick in many levels.

A good friend suggested I should start meditating and I did. With time meditation brought my desire for feeling better back and I started training and eating mindful again. The experience taught me how little the physique can achieve if the mind and the spirit are left in oblivion. That same year with the blessing from my mom I conquered my fears and regrets for not being able to say farewell to her and I became a personal trainer. In 2022 I came up with the idea of creating UNLIMIT Yourself, a program in which body, mind and soul go hand in hand to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and become UNLIMITED!

More about me :) I am also a photographer and film maker, I'm originally from Mexico and currently living in Stockholm, Sweden with my husband and our mischievous black cat Minibar.

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