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Looking and feeling UNLIMITED starts within

Both in my 12-week Program and Personalised Coaching Programs I will guide you to not only achieve your dream body with easy to follow and short workouts you can do anywhere, but also to achieve mental and emotional growth by bringing down the barriers and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from becoming that person you would like to meet.

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Fitness and mindfulness

- 40-60 minute long workouts you can do anywhere with only dumbbells and resistance bands

- Build a strong and lean body

- Guided meditations with intension and progression to bring down mindset limitations and make you feel unlimited

- Q&A and informational Live sessions

- Live follow along workouts

- Nutrition eBook

- Meal Plans to help you reach your physique goals

- Mindfulness journal, for weekly reflection, inspiration and challenges to improve your mood and self-knowledge

- Community and chat with constant contact with me

- Half way check-ins to make sure your progress is always on track.

- And more...

Personal trainer Karen Lundquist exercising on the beach
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Fitness and mindfulness

I can be your personal trainer!


With personalised fitness and nutrition coaching, I will help you achieve your individual physique and mindfulness goals. Wether it is to reduce sizes, get stronger, improve your overall health... You will become UNLIMITED!

I will create a workout program that focuses on your needs, your body composition and capabilities; a meal plan, non retrictive, that considers your very own physique goals and includes foods you normally eat and love. You will received guided meditations to help bring down the boundaries that have been hindering you from becoming and feeling UNLIMITED.

You will receive a Nutrition eBook, a Mindfulness Journal a Fitness recipe book and more nutrition tips.

You will have constant contact with me and periodical check-ins where we will asses your progress and make adjustments to your program, in order to take you where you want to be. I'll be always available to support you along the way.

Everything in this program is personalised and intelligently planned just for you!

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a Personalised

Meal Plan

Personal trainer Karen Lundquist on the beach


Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness are worth the challenge. I have developed this program with the perfect balance of fitness and mindfulness, because our body is just a vehicle for our real essence, of spirit, mind and soul and these aspects should also be cared for, strengthen and empowered.

I have been an ardent gym goer since 2004 and I became a legitimate personal trainer in 2021. I have been studying what makes a body work and respond the way we want ti to, through, exercise, nutrition, wellness and mindfulness during the past years. And it's all this experience that I bring into my programs.

More about me :) I am also a photographer and film maker, I'm originally from Mexico and currently living in Stockholm, Sweden with my husband and our mischievous black cat Minibar.

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